Our Founding Story

Dear Investor, Entrepreneur, and Dreamer,

This is the story of how a team of young entrepreneurs and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts
found their way in the exciting and innovative world of Cryptocurrency. Not as investors,
not by developing a coin, but by giving others an opportunity to begin their own journey.

It was early 2017, and after finishing a long day of “9 to 5” jobs in corporate finance,
technology, and business, several members of the founding team decided to meet for
an evening get-together. Our team loved to discuss future ventures and potential
business opportunities, and one new trend that intrigued everyone was Bitcoin. We had
no idea what Bitcoin was, its purpose, or its value to society. We were determined to
see if this Cryptocurrency would be as influential in our lives as its supporters claimed.
Sure enough, after a few months of following Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, we
knew that it was here to stay.

The investment returns were undeniable, and the Blockchain technology behind it had
limitless applications. The entrepreneurs in us saw that there was an opportunity to be
had with this new wave of digital currency. Across college campuses and financial
institutions alike, Cryptocurrency was all the rage. But how were we supposed to get
involved? Was it through picking our favorite Cryptocurrency and investing? Or was it
through starting a business that attempted to harness the power of Blockchain
technology and digital currency?

As we sat there pondering how to not miss out on this exciting and innovative new
industry, a blunt and harsh reality struck us. We did not have any money that we could
use to invest or start a business. We were certainly eager to begin our journey into
Cryptocurrency, but without any capital there was simply no way to do so.

Then we came upon a realization. Was it just our team who was having this problem?
Surely there were others. Who are the advocates for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
technology? Is it seasoned corporate executives and retired businessmen? Absolutely
not. It is young adults, millennials, dreamers, and entrepreneurs looking to seize the
opportunity when the time is right.

This is when the idea for our company came to fruition – the opportunity to give others
an opportunity. There has not been an industry in recent years in which young adults
overwhelmingly dominate the majority like Cryptocurrency. College students and young
professionals are bursting with bright ideas and innovative spirits, but there is one thing
that many of them are lacking –money. For most people, accumulating enough money
to be able to invest or start a business is something that takes quite some time.

However, time is something that Cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs do not
have. They need to get in on the action now, and create something revolutionary in this
pivotal moment in the era of digital currency and Blockchain technology. The only thing
standing in the way of a great business or investment in Cryptocurrency is far too often

For this reason, we started Clarity Crypto Financial. We began our journey by aiming
to provide entrepreneurs and investors the necessary money to become involved in
Cryptocurrency. Everyone should have the ability to seize the moment and impact this
revolutionary industry. However, as we grew and began to fund many Cryptocurrency
investments and ventures, we realized that we were failing to help other entrepreneurs
who were seeking to impact the world outside of Cryptocurrency.

Therefore, we decided that Clarity Crypto Financial must extend beyond the realm of
Cryptocurrency, and allow entrepreneurs to follow their dreams in all industries. We
have since diversified to be able to fund businesses in almost any industry. We provide
funding for startups, loans to purchase existing businesses, or funding to help grow
businesses that our customers are already running. Furthermore, our personal loans
can be used for any purpose that our customers see fit, and are not solely limited to
investment opportunities. Money should never be the only obstacle standing in the way
of dreams and success, and we are confident that we will be able to help you overcome
this obstacle.


The Clarity Crypto Financial Team